Smart Auto Top Off ATO system

Power Adapter : EU

Product Description:

The sensor is a mini optical infrared sensor for extremely precise regulation. It checks/fills frequently, the water level Max to Min is nomore than 5mm,meaning a lesser amount of water fluctuation, where is suitable for small tanks.

It has a magnetic suction cup, so it can be easily and safely mounted within the fish tank. Safety for using in Marine or Fresh water, built-in Alarm.


1) Mount the ATO on the tank/sump.

2) Connect the DC Pump wire into the ATO and install the water tubing.

3) Connect the power adapter into the ATO.

4) Adjust the position of the ATO.

5) Fix the tube holder on the tank/sump.

6) Connect the tube with water pump and install it in the tank/sump.


1) Set the tube higher than the water level in case of siphon.

2) Don't set the ATO too close to the light/bulb.

3) The logo should be put right.

Max fish tank thickness: 13mm

LED Indicator:


1) Keep the power adapter dry and away from water to avoid any safety issues.

2) Please clean the sensor every 6 months to prevent non-fill issue.

3) Avoid installing controller in an area with micro bubbles or direct lighting.

4) The "Water Tube Output” must be higher than the “Normal Level" in the Tank/Sump and “High Level" in the reservoir to avoid a siphon issue.