Micro ATOs

Power Adapter : EU

Product Description:

1. Automatically Refilling
Start the pump automatically to refill water when the water level is lower than min level. lt will stop the pump when water level reaches high level.

2. Overfill protection
lt will stop the pump when the water level reaches safety level.Generally it won't happen.

Auto Feedback Security (AFS) Technology:

lf the non-filling period is 2 times greater than the last period, it will alarm.

lf the next filling time is 3 times greater than the last time, it will alarm and close the socket.


1.Mount the ATO on the tank/sump.

2.Connect the DC Pump wire into the ATO and install the water tubing.

3.Connect the power adapter into the ATO.

4.Adjust the position of the ATO.

5.Fix the tube holder on the tank/sump.

6.Connect the tube with water pump and install it in the tank/sump.


1.Set the tube higher than the water level in case of siphon.

2.Avoid to install ATO in an area with micro bubbles or direct light.